The wall paintings of the castle dated around the year 1680

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The ,,enormous hall" of the castle, decorated with wall paintings around the year 1680, detail (teoretical reconstruction)


The wall researching of the castle revealed that the second floor of the long wing usedto be one enormous representative chamber (suitable for family events, weddings or important meetings). The walls of this hall were decorated with al secco paintings (scenes in floral framings), completed by 1680, most of them very fragmentary preserved. After the scenes were uncovered, during the restoration work (2010–2014) we tried to elucidate the thematics of these representations: apparently they form a sort of family gesta, depicting events inspired by the history of the Daniel family (especially important episodes from the career of the Olasztelek family line members).


The scene depicts the presentation of the Transylvanian Principalities tribute at the Ottoman Empire: we can see the sultan, the transylvanian delegate, the bags with gold in a chest, the horse and the falcons were presents for the sultan - this scene probably refers to the legation of Mihály Daniel (†1641) to Constantinople in 1638


Detail of a wedding scene - probably it could be linked to the fact that in 1651 János Daniel (†1654) was appointed host (master of ceremonies) for Prince Zsigmond Rákóczi’s wedding (with Princess Maria Henrietta of Pfalz, kept in Sárospatak, Hungary)


Detail of a festive event: probably a banquet(?) organized after an important affair, which took place at the princely court - the face of the person on the left suggest some similarity to a portrait of Prince Gábor Bethlen from 1620 (see Lucas Kilian’s engraving)


The principal construction periods of the castle, with the localization of the old „enormous hall” (second floor plan, grey surface)

This article is based on the exposition '' or 350 years of illustrated castle - history", financed by a grant offered by Island, Lichtenstein and Norway.


Author: Fehér János Illustrated by: Gyöngyössy János

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