Living Spaces artist: Mahmoud Maktabi

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Mahmoud Maktbi began his first artistic study in persian painting from 1999. He has participated in several international exhibitions and festivals and attended in 17 environmental art festivals in Iran.









Some of his works were presented in some exhibitions such as "CONTACT Photography festival" in Canada and "3 worlds in 1" in Lithuania by Edward Lucie Smith.

Since 2005, As a member of "open 5" he performed many group works in environmental art.

Mahmoud Maktabi’s statement about his art:

„I am interested in blending my body in the environment physically and using the human body as part of the work. The unlimited investigation in the environment deepens as you get more absorbed in nature and as you search more. (…) To me life is an opportunity to discover the concept of beauty that constantly attracts me toward the source and nature of things. My confrontation to the environment and its infinite immensity has shown me a way to observe this beauty from a different way. What allows me to keep going in my work is the process to explore and to create using my physical self.”

When is not spring




My inner contamination




My freedom is inside





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