LivingSpaces arists: Mojtaba Ramzi

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Mojtaba Ramzi was born in Tehran in 1973. After finishing high school for graphic design diploma, he continued his studies to get B.A in painting and M.A in animation, in Tehran. He has taught art in different universities since 2000. Moji (as his friends call him, and he signs his sculptures) started to sculpturing more than two decades ago. He held 3 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 50 group exhibition, biennial, and auction, art fair in Tehran, London, Paris, Dubai, and Beirut.

Moji is also a wildlife conservation activist, and a member of Iranian Cheetah Society. He performed several installation and recycle art according to this interest. He is one of two founders of "Yahya Prize” an annual prize for game wardens, in memory of Yahya, famous game wardens who shot and killed by poachers. 

Moji works and teaches in his own studio "Ring Atelier”. These days he works on new sculptures for his next solo exhibition, aprill2016, Paris 




Hormoz beached whale


Making of Hormoz beached whale


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