The establishment of the Daniel residence in Olasztelek

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The genealogy of the Daniel de Vargyas and Rauber de Plankenstein families (highlighting the proprietors of the castle)

The ascension of the Daniel de Vargyas family is closely linked to the career of Mihály Daniel (†1641). Starting with the year 1606, he held more and more important functions: captain of Orbai Seat, vicecaptain of Udvarhely and the Three Seats: Sepsi, Kézdi and Orbai, and in 1622 Prince Gábor Bethlen assigned him as the supreme royal judge of the Three Seats. In 1625 be became member of the princely Board, in 1630 he was the senechal of Catharina de Brandenburg, suzerain of Transylvania, and in 1638 he lead a legation to the Ottoman Court, with the annual tribute of the Principality.He probably found necessary to establish a new residence in Olasztelek for one of his two sons, so the newly built manor was put at the disposal of János Daniel , known as the founder of the new (of Olasztelek) family line. János Daniel (†1654) had a similar career with his father, the renowned diplomat of the Rákóczi’s at the end of his life became the supreme royal judge of the Three Seats.


The first nobiliary residence of the Daniel family in Olasztelek, the so called „Bethlen Castle” (around 1640, 1649 - labeled nr. 1.) and the „Daniel Castle” (started in the middle of the 17th century -marked with nr. 2) in a cadastrial map from the end of the 19th century.


Door frame from carved stone, dated in 1649, with the family blazon and the initials of János Daniel (initially placed in the so called „Bethlen Castel” - nr. 1.)


The seal and signature of Mihály Daniel, supreme royal judge of the Three Seats, 1636 - the seal contains the symbol from the coat of arm of the family: a swan with an arrow through its neck (in multiple magnification)

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Author: Fehér János Illustrated by: Gyöngyössy János


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