Construction's from XVII century

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The construction activity financed by Mihaly Daniel and Judit Haller around 1669(theoretical reconstruction)

Mihály Daniel and his brothers (Ferenc și Péter) shared their paternal properties in 1668. Mihály got the manor that was still under construction near the main street of the village, and soon he started to expand and decorate it. Above the old gate of the manor he placed a stone monument with the family blazon (probably made by a stone-carver from Brașov). The stone door-frame of today’s main entrance was also realised in 1669. Both of these sculptures also carry the initials of Judit Haller, wife of Mihály Daniel, as most of the expenditure of these construction works was supported from her dowry.

The constructions carried out under the patronage of Mihály Daniel (†1689) and Judit Haller were finished in 1680, with the construction of the storey above the longer wing and the tiered gallery (sustained by arcades) in front of the the courtyard facade. As wall-research revealed, the street facade windows were decorated with carved stone frames (enhanced by painted stripes), while those of the courtyard-facade were furnished with wooden-frames, and also decorated with carved lintels. Thus the building appeared as a typical transylvanian nobiliary residence of the Late Renaissance period, satisfaying the representational needs of the Szekler nobleman, who became at the end of his life, like his ancestors, supreme royal judge of the Three Seats.


Carved stone monument with blazon from 1669, placed above the old gate of the building (theoretical reconstruction)


Carved stone doorframe with the initials of the constructors, with reconstruction of the wing (1669)


Window-frame, carved stone, 1680 (theoretical reconstruction)


Window-frame, carved wood, 1680 (theoretical reconstruction)


Window-frame from carved stone, provided with iron grating, 1680 (theoretical reconstruction)

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Author: Fehér János Illustrated by: Gyöngyössy János



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