Living Spaces artist: Atefeh Khas

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Atefeh Khas is a member of the environmental artists group "Open Five" since 2005.



Her specialty is in Environmental Art. She participated in more than thirty Environmental Art Festivals since 2005 to present. Her works have been exhibited internationally in Canada, United State, Nepal, Romania. She was also selected for the Environmental Art Residency Program in South Korea in 2012.

Atefeh Khas's statement about her art:

"Nature is a pure place for my artistic inspiration. It is also the place for finding myself.

This is for the human who finds meaning in nature, who comes from nature, and who will return to it again.

All challenges of human life, all concerns and plights of modern life, can be forgotten in nature for a quiet moment.

Traveling, exploring nature, moving beyond the stressful city life, human and natural, are some of the themes that I seek to explore in my work."


Hair series: Tree with hair 

I put my hair in a place that remains feminine sense...



Reflection of me: Reflection of water

I am interested in Light and Reflection.This is light that clear every vice and repulsiveness and has a reflection every beauty.



Wig Series:

The Earth is my mother who gave birth to me and someday I will be returned to it again.




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