LivingThoughts: "...find living souls who share their sky, ground, mind and happiness..."

by Moji Ramzi
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I am working at my studio in Tehran.and  after a couple of weeks ,i try to whrite something about my trip to transylvania and staying in Daniel castle  during NAP workshop. but it is a sweet truth for me that i am still a little bit numb ,like a lazy morning after a drunk night ,or a comfuse awakening  from a foggy dream.and it is always a different experience, to spend days and nights in a castle ,and listening to whisperring bricks, and tuch flirting grass every where  and then stare to an infinite blue above your head!  and as follow the concept of living spaces at living castles,you would find living souls who share their sky ,ground,mind,and happiness with each other and with you ,and this is the reason that when you leave them with a hug ,and they farewell you with a smile and a good wish,then it is not so easy to forget them,there.
My dear friends in transylvania, i rise my glass from many many kilometers far from you,for you ,egeszsegere!
                                     Moji Ramzi
                                     12 august 2015

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