Living Castle - cultural and scientific events for the valorification of the Daniel castle

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Through the Living Castle project, over 55.000 euro will be dedicated for cultural heritage purposes at the Daniel Castle from Talisoara, during one year. The Daniel Castle association contracted an EEA Grant that will be used for the cultural valorification of the Daniel Castle. The trademark will constitute the central identity element of the project, and will be used across all online and offline communication means.

The Living Castle project is financed by a grant offered by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Details on the fund on and

Project objectives: the cultural and scientific valorification of the Daniel castle from Talisoara, as a representative historic monument of the Hungarian minority community, and turning it into a main touristical attraction of the area.


Project activities: 

- permanent exhibition: "350 years of illustrated castle-history"

- LIVING CASTLE artistic creation workshops: nature-art, painting, photo-video, painting of the wooden ceiling

- putting in value the renaissance wall paintings from the Castle: reconstruction, publication and conference

- conference on historic monument valorification

Project period: March 21st  2015 - March 20th 2016

Project value: 245.390 Ron

Value of the EEAGrants financing: 220.851 Ron

Details on the fund on and


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