The parting


The parting scene was probably depicting an important personal moment for the family, however we couldn’t  solve its meaning. One hypothesis is that the scenes were following each other in a chronological order, so it could be that this one is taking place in Brașov, as Daniel Mihalyis saying farewell to his wife returning home before his departure to Constantinople.



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Payment of the Tribute to the Ottoman Empire by the Principality of Transylvania


In 1638, under Prince Rákóczi György I., Daniel Mihály was named emissary, encharged with the payment of the annual tribute to the Ottoman Empire. He  was sent to Constantinopole  with 10000 gold coins, and valuable golden gifts, trained falcons and  harnessed horses. The scene depicts this important mission, the person on the left side being the Ottoman Sultan , Murad IV.


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The visit of Prince Bethlen


Daniel Mihály wasa dearman of Prince Bethlen., whovisitedhimseveraltimes, whilehuntinginthenearbywoods. Supposedlythisscenedepictsoneof thosefeasts, Prince Bethlen being thepersonintheleftside(theshapeof hisface, and hat showingperfectresemblancewithLucas Kiliansportraitof thePrince from1620). The presence of the musicians also proves this theory, as the Prince’s passion for music was wide-known.


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The window  situated on the right of the terrace door was probably  placed here when the terrace was attached to the castle, and destroyed most of the initiall scene. It is also obvious, that  the initial window was on the left side of the wall-painting, with the floral decoration overarching it.



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The duel


Situated opposite to the former entrance of the ballroom, the scene of the duel was of special importance in the pantheon of all-time greats of the family.  The hungarian horseman is supposed to be Mihaly Daniel, I. ,the one who grounded the ascent of the family and whose heroism was also recorded in Prince Gabriel Bethlen’s act of donation: “ battles against cruel enemies of the country, risking his life and spilling his blod...”


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