Continuam sirul de evenimente Living Castle organizate la Castelul Daniel. Data asta ne-am alaturat la un sir de concerte muzica live. Primul Concert este a trupei Inocsenyka din Cluj care joaca muzica progresiva live. Trupa a fost premiata in mai multe categorii la Festivalul International de Jazz din Sibiu in anul 2014. 

Formată în 2008, Inocsényka e clinci atât de oameni diferiți (membrii provin din Miercurea Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc și Szeged), cât și de stiluri muzicale diverse, care valsează cu o firească lejeritate de la jazz la drum’n’bass și formule pop-rock contemporane. Experiment. Destinații muzicale neașteptate. Epicness. Inocsényka. (sursa


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in LivingCastle 1826





Probably the artist's monogram



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in LivingCastle 1873



The scenedepictsa wedding, supposedlythatof Zsigmond Rákóczi (brotherof Prince Rákóczi György II.) with Marie Hentiette von der Pfalz. On the young groom’s right stands the bride, on his left his mother, and musicians in the background. On the right side the presents are being presented, the horse being one of the most important ones. The person(fragment) in the middle is supposed to be Janos Daniel, who was the master of ceremony on this important wedding.


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in LivingCastle 1818

The arrival


 It seems that the3 scenes in this room represent a sequence:  the  delegation seen in the previous scene reaches its destination, and greets their host with their hats off. Given the wedding theme of the next scene, it is likely that we see the delegation led by Daniel János, which in the spring of 1649 visited several german protestant courts in the seek of a bride for prince Zsigmond Rákóczi.


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in LivingCastle 1758

The parade


The scene depicts an official parade, the person in the foreground being the leader,  with princely clothing and  his horse in ceremonial trappings. The presence of the two  trumpeters in the background indicate it must have been an important procession. 


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