Castle Hotel Daniel - bygone times in a Transylvanian castle

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Thick walls and gracious arches, spacious suites and intimate saloons - the authentic atmosphere of a renaissance castle.

20 uniquely designed rooms, traditional flavours with a gourmet twist, thematic tours and services at noble standards await You at Castle Hotel Daniel. 

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Castle Hotel Daniel - where each room has its story...

Constantinople Room - the payment of the tribute by the Principality of Transylvania to the Ottoman Sultan depicted above your bed, since 1680

Castle Gate Room - once the castle's gatekeeper used to warm himself by the fireplace, nowadays You can enjoy a romantic dinner by its wobbling flames, or simply cuddle in the couch next to it

The Swan Suite - named after the emblem animal of the Daniel family, the swan with an arrow through its neck

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... and the bathrooms are as in a fairytale ...

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... century old walls whisper secrets of bygone times...


... food tastes like at the royal court...

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We warmly await You at Castle Hotel Daniel!



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