LivingSpaces artist: Ahmad Nadalian

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Ahmad Nadalian is internationally known as one of the most active environmental artists. He has performed numerous environmental art projects throughout the world, most of his works being scattered across the earth.



He leapt to fame in the West, after representing his River Art project in the 50th Biennale of Venice. Then he was invited to many countries by different art organizations for promoting his message.


Jhon K. Grande in his book Dialogue in Diversity  said about him: "Nadalian is an Iranian sculptor whose life's work involves engendering respect for living creatures and the natural environment. To achieve this, besides living with nature himself, he established sculpture grounds in a peaceful environment in natural surroundings. Water is a living element that contributes to his sculptures, and many of the symbols he engraves and sculpts are derived from ancient mythology and the rituals of pre-Islamic civilizations." 


Water water everywhere    and the boards did shrink; water water everywhere,     and not a drop to drink...

Samuel Taylor  Coleridge "The rhyme of the ancient mariner"


Print on Sand in the Coast of Persian Gulf 




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